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Thanks for signing up to attend our workshops and seminars! This subscription also allows you to create your own online store within My Craft Shop. To complete your account we need to get your monthly subscription set up. Please add this subscription to you basket and complete checkout.

As part of our launch celebration, we are running workshops and seminars everyday, starting on the 18th of September for one week. From October onwards, we will host 2/3 a month with industry experts, sharing their tips and advice, across various craft sectors and fields, to help you create a sucsessful craft business with My Craft Shop. These will be held as a LIVE stream in a private Facebook group for fellow subscribers.

*Our workshop timetable will be posted on our Facebook page, under ‘events’.

Simply sign up here and get ready to launch your wonderful shop!!

7 reviews for Monthly Workshop & Seller Subscription

  1. Honeypot Crafts (verified owner)

    This is an amazing website to set up a shop, the support is the best, the workshops are very helpful, this is a very exciting time for all crafters to have this new platform to show and sell our wares

  2. Jazzy Uppal (verified owner)

    Thanks for the advice, help and amazing workshop’s, to date for getting my shop setup.

  3. Charlotte Macdonald (verified owner)

    Great information exchange, love the workshops. Giving me the confidence to sell my makes for the first time ever!

  4. Little Gift Big Heart

    Such a lovely experience!! Thank you to all of My Craft Shops support. The workshops are informative and it’s easy to set up your shop with helpful you tube videos! 😍

  5. Clare Hinde

    amazing website easy to use.

  6. paulawilliams066 (verified owner)

    This is a nice and easy website site to setup and it is amazing to use

  7. Hazel I Howden

    Been looking for somewhere to sell my Handmade jewellery . I’m sure this is going to be the right place and I’m hoping it’s as easy as other people have said

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